I was about 30 years of age, when I came into conclusion, that the primary meaning of life is love. From this one can derive other purposes for existing. When love is one’s meaning of life, it reflects on everything one does.

If one doesn’t have a romantic relationship, love should still be, of course, the meaning of one’s life. Love can then be the ultimate goal in the life. Was one living in a relationship or not, respecting love and everything it stands for, should be the ”rules” in one’s life. And even if one lives in a romantic relationship in love, one should keep in mind, that we people are not perfect; even in love affair love is still the ultimate goal, because of people’s imperfection.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Of course the question, what is love, should be answered. Some kind of definiton for love should be given. Is the definition of love written inside of all of us somehow? Should we first try to find it inside ourselves? Is it ”coded” more or less in our hearts?

In my opinion love is perfect harmony at its best. In perfect relationship no rules needs to be set for the relationship, there’s absolutely no need for anykind of rules for the relationship, if the relationship is based on perfect love. Love itself is the only ”rule” in perfect relationship.

Respecting the beloved with love prevents making things that would break the relationship or hurt the love one. Thus love can be also somekind of freedom of being oneself. Of course both on the relationship should be living and experiencing this harmony.

In my opinion love can’t be defined as opposite of hatred, because love is at strongest stronger than anykind of pure hatred. Hatred makes one weak eventually, love makes one strong, perhaps even immortal – at least it can give an experience of being immortal. 🙂

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