People often think that mathematics teaches us only to calculate. However when one goes deeper into mathematics, it teaches us also to think more philosophically whole life, everything.

Mathematics has inspired to views concerning the whole cosmos in its many fields solely from its abstract being that is as such separated from everything else. That is, the philosophical deepness in mathematics is so strong that it kind of stretches views to everything…

Edward Frenkel has written in his book ”Love and Math” as follows: ”Mathematics teaches us to rigorously analyze reality, study the facts, follow them wherever they lead. It liberates us from dogmas and prejudice, nurtures the capacity for innovation. It thus provides tools that transcend the subject itself.”


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Georg Cantor who became famous from his studies on cardinality of the sets has written: ”The essence of mathematics lies in its freedom.” Frenkel has written ”where there is no mathematics, there is no freedom”.

In the own field of mathematics born freedom may inspire to produce very peculiar interpretations. Mathematicians are often misunderstood or they themselves may not seem to understand things that are normal to “normal” people.

Anyway, for the end Edward Frenkel’s beautiful thought from his book ”Love and Math”: ”My dream is that all of us will be able to see, appreciate and marvel at the magic beauty and exquisite harmony of these [mathematical] ideas, formulas and equations, for this will give so much more meaning to our love for this world and for each other.”