In love it is possible to find oneness; this oneness makes even absolute equality possible; the lovers are one!

The Bible: ”…and they shall be one flesh.”

”She’s the one” by Robbie Williams: ”I was her and she was me.”

I see the same oneness in all of these three thoughts; the principle of equality in love.


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Two messages I have sent to Morning Sun by the phone (published by her permission):

”But how to achieve this love? What is love? The aspiration of non-stable dynamic systems to balance harmony as goal? Harmony – the mathematical beauty, elegance. What is this in practice in this context? Love?”

”We have reached a harmonic function; this has described us as one; here is the equality of love. So we are mathematicians, both of us, ”discoverers”! :-)” [In real life neither of us is a mathematician]

This post was inspired from the philosophy of sacred geometry and of course from Morning Sun.