I came up last sleepless night with a fractal of my own. There are two versions of it. The first version has the following rules:

  • Build a circle with radius of r
  • Draw inside the previous circle a circle of radius of / 2
  • Draw circles below, above and sides of the previous circle, the radius of these smaller circles being / 4

Choose for a new circle the circle that’s radius is r / 2. Repeat the previous steps ad infinitum.

Unfortunately on WordPress.com I can’t add the JavaScript-code where you could change the amount of iterations, so let’s just settle for pictures.

fraktaali 1


This kind of fractal might be invented already, but I haven’t seen one ever before.

Version 2 of this fractal:

fraktaali 2

The previous has a bit more complicated rules.

I made two color version of the previous too:

oma fraktaali jatko värill1

The second one:

oma fraktaali jatko värill2

Last night I was a bit playing with these fractal images in JavaScript, below is one more picture:

jatkokehitys fraktaali kikkailu

Perhaps this fractal of mine has at least some value of curiosity.

I try to find the time sometime in September to come back to this topic.