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How I made the attack waves to my experimental Amiga game

I’m trying to relax from my studies..

I seem to live very much in the past. Now I would like to share the strange idea I had, when I made the attack waves to my experimental Amiga game. I mean the following:

Well, the asteroids were easy, their y-coordinate is just increased with different steps (3 speeds). The movement to different kind of ships was done in a different way. I drew the paths they were meant to move in a drawing program, Deluxe Paint II.

Then I wrote a C language program that interpreted the curves from Deluxe Paint II’s IFF-pictures. Each (xy) coordinate of the curves was saved to a file and in the game program read from a file.

The problem was, that what to do, if the curve crossed itself? Which direction to follow? I solved this using different colors that told from which direction the ship was coming and some colors told, that which direction not to follow… 🙂

I have the assembly source code to this game here on this blog.