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(Updated a bit, some typos corrected (I’m very tired…))

The old definition of the knowledge defines the knowledge in the following way: In order to consider something as knowledge, it must meet three criteria: It must be justified, true and believed.

People often say, that there are no absolute truths. But is it an absolute truth, that no absolute truths exist?

Let’s consider this, is it an absolute truth that no absolute truth exists. If it is, we are in contradiction in that, that no absolute truth exists, because if it was an absolute truth, that no absolute truth can exist.

So, one can’t absolutely deny the existence of an absolute truth –> contradiction follows.

Also, the absolute truth is stronger than “every day” truth, so is it even possible to cancel out absolute truth by pure “every day” concepts?

On the other hand, what if someone says, that no truth exists (relative truths, “any”ย  truths)? Is it true that no kind of truths exist? If it is true, we have contradiction again, because it was “true”, that no truths exist.

I see an absolute truth stronger, than relative truth or “any” truth, stronger than “everyday” truths. Considering the definition of knowledge on every day knowledge, the relativity of truth questions, that is any actual or “real” knowledge possible.

Considering an absolute truth, if we had “found” one, and we would attach it to the definition of knowledge, would we be forced to think the definition of knowledge again, because of the stronger perhaps fundamental characteristics of an absolute truth?

I mean, this sounds ridiculous, but if we had logical statement on the paper that actually was an absolute truth, would it must be also justified and believed? Perhaps the properties should be something stronger too…


I’m trying to relax from my studies..

I seem to live very much in the past. Now I would like to share the strange idea I had, when I made the attack waves to my experimental Amiga game. I mean the following:

Well, the asteroids were easy, their y-coordinate is just increased with different steps (3 speeds). The movement to different kind of ships was done in a different way. I drew the paths they were meant to move in a drawing program, Deluxe Paint II.

Then I wrote a C language program that intepreted the curves from Deluxe Paint II’s IFF-pictures. Each (x,ย y) coordinate of the curves was saved to a file and in the game program read from a file.

The problem was, that what to do, if the curve crossed itself? Which direction to follow? I solved this using different colors that told from which direction the ship was coming and some colors told, that which direction not to follow… ๐Ÿ™‚

I have the assembly source code to this game here on this blog.


Nowadays I’m full time student again and the studies seem to take all my time, there have been days, that I’ve been programming (university project) as soon as I’ve woke up and continued programming to the midnight..

And, today I saw it again in the sky.. The strange light phenomena, I may sound crazy, but it looks like a ship.. Most of the time it seems not to move, only glowing, but it does move a bit once and for while.

I took 3 pictures of it today:


Click the pictures to enlarge. It’s one light mess in the pictures, but to the eye it looks a bit different, like a ship…


I haven’t edited the pictures at all and they’re taken with my cell phone. What is it and what is it doing here…?

Yesterday, before the midnight I saw some kind of light phenomena in the sky. The first time I saw something like this was in December 2016 or January 2017.

There was -24 Celsius degrees out there, don’t let the steam coming from my breathing confuse.

To eye it looked a bit different. It was like there were about 5 small dots in different colors, where in the video the is one “mess”.

At best there were about 3 – 5 of these.

I don’t know what this was. Next morning (today) it was gone… Only moon in the sky.

The first video I captured from the phenomena:

I tried to capture some stills too, but result isn’t very good:

The pictures aren’t edited at all.

As I’m writing this, I’m on fever…

I’ve told my girlfriend, that I haven’t been myself for a long time. My own experince is, that I’m somehow absent and can’t express my thoughts and emotions, because I’m absent; I don’t really seem to be able to โ€reachโ€ my thoughts and emotions.

I promised my girlfriend, that this Christmas I try to be more present, live here and now… I also try to remember that young man, that I was 20 years ago; I somehow owe him too… Though I shouldn’t look too much back, but I still must reach for my roots, for the past best days.. That were not so good..

For the end I want to wish you all Merry Christmas!

This book has been perhaps the most important book to me…

Just a short post on my and my girlfriend’s Christmas together in 2017.

It’s been almost a year and we are planning in piece and quiet our next Christmas.

The most important thing in the coming Christmas is, that we spend it together. Our plans are to make it some kind of quiet Christmas with lots of reading.

At the moment there is snow in here, but let us hope, that there is snow in the land also in Christmas. ๐Ÿ™‚

Two shows what even is;
everywhere where it fits evenly,
it exists;
and so is even that,
where two evenly fits.

So many are there twos in a number,
than the relation possible with two evenly is;
if that possible is.

For if it impossible is,
even number not is.