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Based on book ”Sacred Geometry – the Designs of Creation”

As sacred geometry has started to fascinate me more and more I decided to share some more thoughts from the book mentioned above.

As a reminder sacred geometry is some kind of mystique, not mainstream mathematics.

The writer of the book tells, that he is fascinated by the study of consciousness and the root of awareness and existence itself through geometry.

Popular highlight from the e-book:
”Like water is to the fish at the bottom of an ocean, we are immersed in an ocean of love, bliss and consciousness but never really appreciative of it because of its constancy and ubiquitousness.”

The fractals are defined in the book so that they are patterns that repeat themselves infinitely on smaller and smaller scales without end. Something similar defines our consciousness and the true nature of our reality.

It says it the book, that we are each in our own way a tiny reflection of a vaster, more complete image of life, but nevertheless a complete ”oneness” unto itself that contain all the information of the universe in the form of fractals.

Wherever one goes, one walks into and interacts with “fractals of God” that expand and retract and disappear into the distance as we more away. This same effect is no different than a fractal hologram which our very consciousness is emanating in all directions.

Furthermore, the writer of the book writes, that in sense, the edge of the universe may only be a finite number of meters a way, but we never reach it because of infinity of fractals.

”Everything is contained within one’s self in the form of a fractal hologram.”

The writer describes a YOU-niverse, where you are always center of everything that exists and your consciousness radiates from the center (single) point of origin. You are the YOU-niverse and this universe which is you, is never really infinite in size, but information embedded within it (in the form of fractals) is unending, giving the illusion that it is also infinite in size.


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The chapter about the subject in the book ends with the following beautiful thought: ”May the beauty of your heart be reflected in the universe that surrounds you!”


Free e-book on geometry:

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