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‘Nothing’ ”exists” before existence. Emptyness can be created; ‘nothing’ can’t be created; it is from which the creation begins.

When the creation starts from ‘nothing’, the result should be as pure as possible; especially as a result no evil should come into existence.


Image courtesy of dan at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

When I was young, about 22 years old, I got inspiration from mathematics to write a book about ‘nothing’… I guess I won’t see the day in this life when I write a book on anything…

Things that got me inspired at the first place on ‘nothing’ were real number epsilon and the experience of seeing some philosophical deepness in the concept of limit. It is often the apparently irrelevant details that catch my attention…

The thought above (on ‘nothing’) is just some kind of hmm.. poetry…

An e-book, that you might be interested in: