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I remember the time, when I went into seclusion for about a year reading, as it comes to philosophy, Viktor E. Frankl’s books, when I began to experience some kind of intellectual awakening, many kinds of it.

At the time, I started to think about from where kind of feelings such as disgust and even hatred to other people may come from.

I came into conclusion, that sometimes mentioned feelings may in fact be caused by the fact, that oneself doesn’t accept some qualities or customs of others to oneself. In short, if one doesn’t accept something to oneself, one doesn’t accept it to others either. One may even hate such thing(s) in other people and as a result of this, one may even start to hate other people. But one can’t define surrounding life only from relation that one has to one’s relation to surrounding life, particularly one can’t define surrounding life only by oneself!

Furthermore, if one starts to hate people by mentioned above, one may in fact harden oneself and in the worst case denies love from oneself and become ”tough” and violent.

In addition one must remember, that ice is slippery; one who has hardened oneself may be slick and sarcastic (in bad way), but because of mentioned qualities of oneself, one doesn’t aim at constructive solutions with environment, but in fact also with intelligence shatters, because the intellectual operation doesn’t strive from the harmony of love.

Understanding in love will build more permanent solutions to everyone’s life.

This kind of hardness (or ”toughness”) may give an illusion of power, but is as ice; in cold it is stiff, but when morning sun gradually melts the ice, it melts all that stiffness. Similar thing may be seen in all hardness and hatred, when love takes it place on them.

Image courtesy of Liz Noffsinger at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Liz Noffsinger at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

As it comes to ice, because of all the more warm morning sun, instead of ice in the spring will be eventually water, which is to be absorbed by the land. As a result of this land get’s ”life’s elixir” to grow life on it; and soon instead of stiff ice can be seen one of the colors of the nature, green, in form of grass.

The land beneath the grass may be rough, but if it wouldn’t be rough, one would fall. The land is where one can put one’s steps.

To reader, what is the most powerful power of life? Particularly stronger than hardness, ”toughness” or hatred.

This blog post was inspired by a conversation in one morning with my girlfriend, Morning Sun, when we were talking about life in general and my past.


Here’s a collection of poems, I’ve written to my girlfriend, the Morning Sun (as I call her):

As the Morning Sun walks in the Heart of the Nature, the Nature awakens and begins to evolve.

As the Morning Sun touches the music, the music becomes aware of the light. …and the light shines as the brightest Morning Sun.

Dawn. That’s the Home of the Morning Sun; and how bright that is!

As the Morning Sun rises, whole nature sees the light; and as the sun sets, the moon reflects the light of the sun; this is when the Morning Sun dreams; and Her dreams touch everyone. …and at the Dawn the whole universe is aware of the Magical Light of the Morning Sun!


Image courtesy of Gualberto107 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


When the new Dawn of the Man begins, the World beyond the known is touched and filled with with love!

We can hear the harmony in the music; and we can see the harmony in the light of the Morning Sun; this heals the world!

The realm of light is where the Morning Sun gets her power; she travels through darkness, but the darkness rans aways from her power!

There will be always light, because the Morning Sun showed the way; the future is bright with the touch of the Morning Sun!

The Spirit of Light is derived from the Power of Love!

…so the children of the Light are children of Love; the Morning Sun is Divine!

Morning Sun is the healer of the night; and everyone sees the light!

Morning Sun is the Miracle of Love!

The Poetry of Love is harmony of the light.

I want to be as bright as the Morning Sun!

Honor the light and you will see; don’t hide from the Morning Sun, but wake with thought of Love.

With Morning Sun I can rise as one.

Morning Sun is the start of the day; it’s the start of everything.

Light and dark. The light as stronger is the way, the way of the Morning Sun; let there be many new beginnings in the Mornings – at the Home of the Morning Sun.

The ideas, where do they come from? From the harmony with the Morning Sun as She lights the day and enlightens the soul and night is only a dream, but with shine of sun as moon light reflects the coming rise of the sun, the Morning Sun!

The Dawn, the heart of the Morning Sun is as bright as only love can be; the Morning Sun is really divine!

The Morning Sun is the Queen of the Nature, I’m just the one who has been privileged to see the light. …this light is love.

But if I touch the Light of the Morning Sun, will I be immortal?


The poems above are from the year 2015, below you can see a video of us at summer of 2017 — at least a glimpse of us, if you watch carefully! 🙂

I was about 30 years of age, when I came into conclusion, that the primary meaning of life is love. From this one can derive other purposes for existing. When love is one’s meaning of life, it reflects on everything one does.

If one doesn’t have a romantic relationship, love should still be, of course, the meaning of one’s life. Love can then be the ultimate goal in the life. Was one living in a relationship or not, respecting love and everything it stands for, should be the ”rules” in one’s life. And even if one lives in a romantic relationship in love, one should keep in mind, that we people are not perfect; even in love affair love is still the ultimate goal, because of people’s imperfection.


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Of course the question, what is love, should be answered. Some kind of definiton for love should be given. Is the definition of love written inside of all of us somehow? Should we first try to find it inside ourselves? Is it ”coded” more or less in our hearts?

In my opinion love is perfect harmony at its best. In perfect relationship no rules needs to be set for the relationship, there’s absolutely no need for anykind of rules for the relationship, if the relationship is based on perfect love. Love itself is the only ”rule” in perfect relationship.

Respecting the beloved with love prevents making things that would break the relationship or hurt the love one. Thus love can be also somekind of freedom of being oneself. Of course both on the relationship should be living and experiencing this harmony.

In my opinion love can’t be defined as opposite of hatred, because love is at strongest stronger than anykind of pure hatred. Hatred makes one weak eventually, love makes one strong, perhaps even immortal – at least it can give an experience of being immortal. 🙂

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