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Nowadays I’m full time student again and the studies seem to take all my time, there have been days, that I’ve been programming (university project) as soon as I’ve woke up and continued programming to the midnight..

And, today I saw it again in the sky.. The strange light phenomena, I may sound crazy, but it looks like a ship.. Most of the time it seems not to move, only glowing, but it does move a bit once and for while.

I took 3 pictures of it today:


Click the pictures to enlarge. It’s one light mess in the pictures, but to the eye it looks a bit different, like a ship…


I haven’t edited the pictures at all and they’re taken with my cell phone. What is it and what is it doing here…?

Yesterday, before the midnight I saw some kind of light phenomena in the sky. The first time I saw something like this was in December 2016 or January 2017.

There was -24 Celsius degrees out there, don’t let the steam coming from my breathing confuse.

To eye it looked a bit different. It was like there were about 5 small dots in different colors, where in the video the is one “mess”.

At best there were about 3 – 5 of these.

I don’t know what this was. Next morning (today) it was gone… Only moon in the sky.

The first video I captured from the phenomena:

I tried to capture some stills too, but result isn’t very good:

The pictures aren’t edited at all.